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Who is Second Flight Capital?

We are a distinctly different capital fund, that measures community impact alongside financial return. Our investment objective is to offer investors entry to an inaccessible market with a superior risk profile—established, profitable businesses. Uniquely, SFC investors will make an outsized impact on the local economy as a component of their return.

We Believe in...

  • Mission Alignment

  • Expanding Legacy

  • Rocket Fuel Resources


Your people, your customer relationships, and your culture generate powerful performance.  Our ‘same side of the table’ deal process strengthens your successes by driving sustainable, profitable growth, building on a solid foundation.

Expanding Legacy

Partnering with owners to secure a values-infused exit. At Second Flight Capital, legacy means a business that reaches its potential, employees who thrive personally and professionally, and owners who achieve the means to make a lasting financial impact. 

Rocket Fuel Resources

Our team of experts brings considerable accomplishments in obtaining profitable growth. These resources are a launchpad to take your legacy, in all facets, to the next level.

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Ready to learn more?

At Second Flight, we are looking to do business with leaders who share our values and whether you’re a business owner, an investor or a potential partner, we look forward to connecting. To start a conversation, share your information below. 

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