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The Origin of Second Flight Capital

As a leader at a regional CPA firm, Kyle Brandon was consulting with the ownership of a client who wished to explore an exit that would keep the company in Dayton. At the time, the usual possibilities, for example, an ESOP or a management buyout, were not accessible. Inspired by this experience and his conversations with other local owners, Kyle determined that there was significant interest for exits that would preserve their success, remain in the community, and allow their employees to continue to thrive.

Profile of a Second Flight Company

Second Flight is attractive to business owners who want a legacy that extends beyond a financial exit; they have a strong desire for the company to continue to grow and for their employees’ opportunities to expand.

Potential Second Flight acquisitions will demonstrate good leadership teams with a strong culture and produce EBITDA ranging from $1-$5 Million. Some owners prefer to remain minority owners, specifically, Mission Partner Owners, continuing in their leadership role, and supporting the growth of the Platform through the acquisition and integration of strategic bolt-on companies.

The growing pool of Mission Partner Investors in Second Flight values a good return and the opportunity to engage with likeminded investors, to share business experiences of doing well through doing good.

Second Flight differentiates itself through our ability to secure the future for employees and the owner’s legacy through our Same Side of the Table approach.

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